Bristol Debating Union

Bristol Debating Union

Welcome to BDU!
The Bristol Debating Union promotes debate and discussion of topical issues in a formal format. We meet every Wednesday afternoon for a training session, following which we head to a pub. On some Wednesday evenings we hold our socials; examples include drunken debates, the finals of internal competitions, balloon debates and general fun evenings out. We send teams to competitions at other universities most weekends, as well as hosting our own highly successful external competitions.

What is debating?

Debating is not about who can shout the loudest - it's about who can build and present an argument in the most convincing way. Here, at Bristol Debating Union, we follow British Parliamentary style.  A motion is presented, such as "This House Would Legalise All Drugs" or "This House Would Remove All State Funding From Libraries and Museums". 

Why do debating at University?

Competitive debating is a great way of improving your confidence in public speaking and honing your analytic skills. You get to hear a range of points of view and challenge your own way at thinking. We also head to a pub or cafe after every training session so its a real social event. Also with BDU you also get the opportunity to represent Bristol nationally and internationally.

Sounds good! Where do I sign up?

To find out more about Bristol Debating Union, and to find out the latest details about training workshops see our facebook page. Updates about our competitions can be found on twitter. To find out more about the rules of British Parlimentary Style Debating check out the many useful resources online. A helpful collection of resources can be found  here  as well as a collection of own debating training slides, found in  Debating Sessions.

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